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    Default first dvd done

    well as you know I annew to all this , I got pinnacle st9 on monday and last night finished my first dvd with it , must say that on the whole it was easy to use but not to happy that you have to pay to unlock some stuff.
    what i do need is a bigger hard drive, also if any of you know how to make more than one dvd without haveing to render again and again let me know.


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    Great to hear about your use of Pinnacle and you were successful in your first DVD.

    You are right about the locks but you should be able to do many, many projects with what is installed and comes with the program initially. Yes, I have purchased other components but I typically wait till they have a special running or if I really would like to have that effect and extra cash in hand. For the price that you pay for the product it gives you plenty to begin with however.

    Unless I am missing something, all you need to do is duplicate the original DVD with your current burner. There are several simple duplication programs on the market. For instance Nero comes to mind and I know others will recommend some more.

    Good luck with your other ventures and welcome to the wonderful world of Video Editing.
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    thanks Scooter
    yes i have just used nero to copy the dvd lol

    must say that i feel like a propper film maker right now lol so i am off to make my next block buster ....we all can dream i better not run before i can crawl

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    Well done lakes - nice to hear you made a successful start

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    thanks shiner
    and also thanks for your help

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    Default componants/plugins

    Keep an eye out on ebay for more add-ons I see alot of stuff for $10-20, keep in mind the S&H. Hope this helps
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