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Thread: The History of Nikola Tesla - A Short Story

  1. Default The History of Nikola Tesla - A Short Story

    I wrote/voiced this video on Thursday, and edited/drew/rendered it on Friday (finished at 1AM). It was released yesterday for the 154th anniversary of Nikola Tesla.

    I KNOW I spelled Croatia wrong, I was confused by looking at a map in a different language. :-P

    There are a lot of changes I would make if I had more time, but, alas that wasn't an option. Seeing the time constraints of this project, I'm happy the way it came out.

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    I think you did a good job. Anything that promotes this genius is good in my eyes. One important fact you missed was the reason he died poor was due to suppression of his work by J P Morgan, the infamous banker, who stopped him from producing a way to give everybody free electricity. A technology that is still being suppressed today.

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    I actually saw this on the front page of Reddit yesterday, very sucessful video - be proud.

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    hahah I'm from "Croaitia"...
    nice animation! good job!

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    Cool video.

    I saw this on the homepage yesterday. This is weird seeing it here.

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    @MidnightBlue - there were a lot of things I wanted to squeeze into the video, i.e. his major OCD and the Tesla Coil, but I ran out of time. :-(

    @crazyporridge, @moldytoaster - Yeah, someone helped me with getting it on the front page of Digg and Reddit. Really glad that it has taken off.

    @tinmachine88 - LOL! Sorry about that...I blame a lack of sleep for the misspelling. :-P

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    Short, sweet and entertaining. The fast commentary fits the nature of the animation and everything works really well together. You must be well chuffed!

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    *looks up the meaning of "chuffed"*

    Yes, I am quite chuffed! :-P

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    I released a "Vimeo version" which fixed the spelling issues, anatomy of the stick figures, and included some sound effects. It was posted in the Vimeo staff favorites, which means it was also posted on the front page of Vimeo.

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    this is a stunning video, easy to see why it works so well on the tube, it crosses all the boxes for good online video..

    its a great subject matter and a story which is well deserving of a large audience considering how we are all bonded by the technology spoken of in the video

    certainly the sort of video you pass onto your friends and speak of to those you work with, the sort of video which you remember every time you flick a light switch

    really well done
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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