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Thread: Iris & Shutter (manual settings?)

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    Lightbulb Iris & Shutter (manual settings?)

    I understand that the manual settings such as white balance and focus can be useful but... I can also adjust the iris and shutter how can this improve video shots, I thought they were only used in photography??
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    moving pictures or still pictures?
    there is no such thing as moving pictures! they are all still pictures!
    so all the settings on a video camera are and do the same as on a still camera.
    i had to sit and give this some thought before getting a camcorder recently, i ended up getting two.

    much of this is from memory, so i'm sticking my head above the parapet, feel free to open fire.
    as for the settings being and doing the same as on a still camera, this is limited by the frame rate.
    since the moving picture is the product of displaying still pictures at 24? frames per second, the slowest shutter speed will be no greater than 1/24 second.
    if thats not enough, you're stuffed, unless you can increase the iso rating.

    as far as i recall 8 frames per second were deemed enough for reasonably smooth movement, but had to be displayed 16 times per second to avoid severe headaches, this was not enough for some people as they could still see the flicker.

    although the reason it was changed to 24 frames per second was that they could not get the audio quality without speeding it up.

    the way i see it is the more frames per second the worse the low light performance will be, since it will raise the slowest shutter speed.
    but to answer your question smaller aperture will give you more depth of field, faster shutter will give you a less blurry image (subject or camera movement blur that is) just the same as with a still camera, and a wide angle gives greater depth of field, tele will reduce it, the closer to the minimum focusing distance of the lens the less the depth of field.
    the 24 frames per second only tells you how long each frame is displayed for, taking that frame will typically be only a fraction of that time.

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