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Thread: Rendering problems (text moving)

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    Exclamation Rendering problems (text moving)

    Hey! Its my first post so go easy on me.

    anyways I made my problem into a little video for you all

    capture-1-1.mp4 video by happymonky777 - Photobucket

    hope you can help me.

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    Do I understand you have 2 issues going on?

    A] Text positioning over the underlying Video's text?

    B] "Black Bars" appearing around your video?

    OK . . . Your video is working over ALL the Screen area. However, your Text is set to work within SAFE Areas (read the manual to understand these) set up by Vegas, to ensure it is not removed, meaning "Safe". Understandably you've realised/noticed this and have adjusted your Text's position accordingly, so that YOUR Text remains visible. Unfortunately this means you will encroach over the underlying video.

    Consequently you will need to Make your video fit within the safe areas for rendering and place your text within those safe areas. Try "shrinking" your video to fit the Safe Area space, so that you can then place your own text correctly and thusly NOT encroach over the Video.

    NB: I notice that you are mixing terminology - and with respect to this issue, that is quite important to understand and is a crucial difference. Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR) is NOT the same as Picture Aspect Ratio. The former is the shape of the Pixel and the latter is the number of Pixels in the Horizontal and Vertical vertices. You have established, correctly, that the Picture AR are the same, but what I can see is that your Project does not reflect your Pixel AR. Is your Graphic the same Pixel AR as your Project? Look closely at those Menus - yes? See a difference? Without getting my hands on the material itself, this could very well account for your "Black Bars" - to my mind you aren't filling your Preview area fully.

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    I've just read that a my Picture Aspect Ratio is referred to as a DISPLAY Aspect Ratio (DAR). That's better!

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