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Thread: Problem during Rendering

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    My problem seems to happen more often than not. When I start rendering a video, it may get to 25% and then just stop, I am not able to close the program, I have literally got to reboot the computer. It may be that when I try a second time it issuccessfully, or it may stop again at 45% for instance. This is getting extremely annoying, any ideas why this is doing it?

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    Dodgy HDD file system? poor system spec? corrupt install? incorrect system settings?

    May I suggest you post the following:

    The current OS
    What spec you have on your system
    Checking what version of vegas you have
    If you ever experience problems of this type outside of vegas. If so with what.

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    I doubt very much whether it is a problem with the HDD because the computer is only a few weeks old. It's got the Windows 7 64 bits installed. 4 GB of RAM. Sony Vegas Platinum 9. I'm taking the videos off a JVC hard disc camera. I don't normally have as many problems as I have had the latest video I have been trying to render.

    As for experiencing the problem outside of Vegas, no, not really

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    Well assuming all of the software/Hardware worked together fine on your previous system, it points to a Win 7 driver problem. You don't say what file format you're rendering from and to? Have you tried rendering to a different format?

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