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    Hi, I've been using Windows Movie Maker with my PC (DV to Firewire), but I really need a editing program that will do it all from capture to a finished DVD that I can play on my home TV DVD player.

    The thing is that I am very inexperienced with editing software, and I need somthing that is very simple and very easy to use. I'm not bothered about lots off effects and special features, I just need somthing easy and basic.

    Could anybody recommed any software? I'm using windows XP.


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    Windows Movie Maker?

    It is basic, easy and comes with windows.

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    I wanted a program that will do everything from capture to burn to DVD. Windows movie maker leaves you with a 13gb file for every hours worth of footage. So I want a simple program that will do a complete job.

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    But why do you wish to spend money to get a program to achieve this when you can download something like this:

    CDBurnerXP: Introduction and News

    For FREE! And edit away in windows movie maker?

    Is it worth the expense?

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    But what about compressing the files? I'm getting 13gb for every hours worth of footage..,,far too big for a DVD. So I will need Windows Movie Maker, cdburner xp, plus another program to compress the files to fit on a dvd?
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    Lol, thanks for the reply, but I'm still back to square one. In the link that was in the last post the author recommends using Sonic My Dvd to compress and burn. Obviously I would have to buy this software so I might as well buy a all in one movie editing program. The question remains, what would be an easy to use no frills program that does it all from capture to dvd burn?

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    Perhaps consider "Live Movie Maker' which is mentioned in a similar thread,

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    Just checked it out but unfortunately Live Movie Maker does not work on Windows XP, which is what I am using. I just thought that there might be an easy to use all in one program that somebody could recommend.
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