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    Default converting formats?

    Not having had a 'proper' video camera for some time, we have used the video function on my wife's Canon camera. These play very well on the pc, but I cannot commit them to disc to play on my video player.

    I believe I need to convert from MVI to MP4.....there are so many converters to choose from, suggestions would be welcomed.

    Whether to pay or not?



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    Hi Norman,

    A standard DVD is mpeg2, so first you need to know what frame rate the camera is recording at so you can decide on NTSC 30fps or PAL 25 fps, some of the cameras use 15fps so convert better to NTSC 30fps progressive scan, you could try a freeware authoring program like DVDFlick I think it might do some re-encoding to mpeg2, if not then get a copy of SupperC by eRightSoft it's freeware but takes a bit of finding as the web page tries to lead you down some blind allies, I think it goes to 3 separate pages before you come to the download page, you just have to be patient and not follow the links that are there to get you to buy a different program.


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