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Thread: alternative options

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    Question alternative options

    Hello, I recently purchased the 550 rebel 2ti a few months ago and am now looking to start editing, from what I've seen the i5 and i7 macbook pro's appear to be a must however I only have about 1000$ to 1300$ to spend and the lowest i've seen an i5 is 1800$. Is my budget to small to get what i need to begin editing my videos together?:confused:

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    What car do you wish to buy?

    Do you want a Bugatti Veyron? Or an Aston Martin? Or perhaps a Ford Focus? Or a Toyata Prius?

    You have stated a budget but not quite what your aims are... What software are you going to use to edit? Do you NEED super speed? or are you patient? Is full 1024 HD your goal? or not?

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    I currently have final cut 7 however it doesn't work on my current system because the G5 I have at home does not have intel processing. I would prefer to have a seperate computer for all my video editing. I also have adobe after affects as well

    Yes I am patient but some speed certainly wouldn't hurt.

    My goal is to be at full hd.


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    Buy yourself a second hand mac pro...such as this one:

    Apple Mac Pro Nehalem on eBay (end time 15-Jul-10 00:55:00 BST)

    I am not the ebay seller of this item

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigben654321 View Post
    Buy yourself a second hand mac pro...such as this one:

    Apple Mac Pro Nehalem on eBay (end time 15-Jul-10 00:55:00 BST)

    I am not the ebay seller of this item
    I need to be mobile though, working out of more than one place primarily. Also would like to get some editing done when traveling for shoots. R there older MAC books which are up to par?
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    No idea...I would say probably not and if there was one that was up to scratch it would be over your budget anyway.

    As a member once said in an old post:
    05-08-2010, 08:49 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    If I was you I would get a desk top if it's for home use. I know some people use laptops for editing but a desk top PC will give you more bang for your buck. So long as you don't need to use it "out in the field".

    Well that's what I'd do any way.
    So think very carefully about whether a laptop will be sufficient or would you rather have a beast of a machine at home.
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    Um...he wanted a Intel I5 processor and you have pointed him in the direction of a dual core processor...

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    In regards to the i5 macbook pro, is there a big difference in the performance between the 2.4ghz and the 2.66ghz model? And for the i3 I saw it's not with built in hd graphics, what would be the best way to go about getting hd graphics on it not too far down the line?

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    In all honesty, contact apple directly and ask them.

    They would be able to advise you on a specific model that would suit your precise needs and they might be able to steer you towards a refurbished model that is cheaper.

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