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Thread: Sony HandyCam - can't import video files???

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    Default Sony HandyCam - can't import video files???

    I recently bought a Sony Handycam HDR-CX500V. I was very happy with the camera. Since I am new to camcorders it took me a while to figure out how to import videos from the camera to my computer but when I did it, I enjoyed making DVDs for my friends and family. 2 months ago I went on vacation to Europe where I took a lot of still pictures and videos with my camcorder. A couple of days before I left Europe I wanted to burn all my videos to a DVD however when I installed the software on my friend’s computer I could import only still pictures but not the videos from the camera. I did not have time to deal with it then thinking I did not install the software correctly so I decided to try importing videos when I get home, where the software was already installed and importing videos was easy. When I came home and tried to do it again I could not do it! Only the still pictures were imported but not the videos. I can playback the videos in the camera so I know nothing was deleted or changed as far as videos are concerned and I reinstalled the software before trying again too – same thing! I am guessing it’s something with the camcorder itself – may be a setting or something else - my friends connected it to a TV in Europe a couple of times. Does anybody know what might be the problem??? Please help me I really need the videos on DVD

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    I have a similar problem with my HDR CX110E. Except that it stopped working for me after I downloaded the PMB update.

    Thinking that was the problem, I uninstalled the app and reinstalled the older version of PMB. Have had no luck so far.

    Please HELP!!!

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    just got done with their tech support (took 2 people to figure it out) In my case it looked like I was importing the videos the wrong way. I used to just connect the camcoder and it would automatically offer to import either all the files or just selected files I did it and was able to play them back with PMB sofware right away. But at one point when I imported the videos PMB software started reading them as JPEG pics. They never explained to me why it started to do so but told me to always do the following when importing videos
    Connect the camcoder to the computer
    Open the camcoder folder under Removable drive in the Computer
    open the AVCHD folder
    open the BDMV folder inside it
    find STREAM folder inside it and copy it to the desired location in your computer
    open PMB software and register the that folder in the software (use directions here Registering / Removing folders | PMB (Picture Motion Browser) Support)

    after you register the folder you will be able to view and playback your videos

    I still can't get it why I did NOT have to register the folder and was able to playback the videos for the first couple of months that I had the camcoder but I am soooooo relieved and happy that I got the solution to whatever the problem was!

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