hi... just need a bit of advice needed really.

Recently I went travelling in Norway. Me and my friends captured this on video and we basically want to edit it down using Vegas 5.0
to get maybe an hour or so of footage that we can put onto dvd... out of the 4 hours or so that we shot. The camera we used was fairly old... it is a DV cam and was just hi-8 tape camera.

My friend has transferred the footage to DVD+R using his home DVD recorder.

I need to get this footage on to my computer. What is the best way to get it on to the pc? I dont have a video capture card. Although if this really was the best way i could get one. Is ripping from the dvd using the dvd drive an option?

If so how high quality would this be, would it be of a good enough quality to put back on dvd and watch on tv or would it just be rubbish picture quality? Are there any free programs available to do this? What file format would it be saved as?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.