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Thread: Premiere Pro CS5 & 1080i output

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    In PP CS4, under H.264 output options, you could chose from 1080i and 1080p formats, but since I upgraded to CS5, the options in H.264 encoding only have 1080p formats listed. When I try to change things manually, I get a "invalid frame size/frame rate for this level" warning.

    Why have they removed the option for H.264 1080i encoding?

    When I edit my 1080i(50i) footage now I have to render in 1080p, and slow pans are horribly flickery, but they were silky smooth when I used to output in 1080i from CS4.

    Is this right? Is it just my install of CS5 that doesn't have these options?

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    I have read this:
    Adobe Forums: CS5 cannot export H.264 1920x1080,...

    It suggests this:
    Change LEVEL to 4.1
    Change PROFILE to High
    Change FRAMERATE to 25/29.97/30
    Change Frame Height and Frame Width to 1920x1080

    Can you confirm whether that works or not? I might be upgrading to CS5 soon and don't want to experience that loss of functionality.

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    Nope. It will not let you select 1080 with 4.1 set. It looks like they've removed a perfectly useful and needed feature for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Retards!

    Looks like my copy of CS5 will be on Ebay soon.

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    Default Maybe old but...

    THis is old but i have tryied and worked... Profile - High Level - 4.1 Frame Rate - 29,97FPS Frame Width: 1440 or 1920 Frame Height: 1080 The trick is that you first need to put 1920 or 1940 in width and AFTER THAT put 1080 in height LOL If you try de height first it wont let'it be...

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