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Thread: new user account in W7pro only for video editing - HELP!

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    Default new user account in W7pro only for video editing - HELP!


    I'm from Finland so I apologise my English in advance.

    I know most of you are experts in video editing, but I need an expert in both video editing and Windows 7. I remember years ago, when I started editing, my father set me up this whole new user account in WinXP that didn't have any antivirus software, internet connection or anything nonsense at startup. Only Premiere 6.5 starts up, so I had the whole PC's memory in use.

    Ok, so father couldn't do the same thing in W7 and I have to close every application and task before starting to edit and it's frustrating. All I need is a new user account that starts up like new OS in PC when you start it up the very first time. Oh and my W7pro is in English and I cannot set dual boot on my PC because I got the W7 from my school and it can be installed only once.

    Thank you all very, very much in advance if this problem can be solved!

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    As I said, I need a new user account on my PC. If I enable or disable some programs from the startup list, it effects all user accounts. So no help but thanks anyway

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