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Thread: Saturated colours for PAL broadcast

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    Default Saturated colours for PAL broadcast

    Has anyone had to work with graphics that are very saturated against a white background.
    I have 12 fps animation comped into AFX and the colours are quite bright against a white bkgrd. The final AVI is encoded to MPEG and dumped a DVD created. The image on the TV screen is terrible, colours are too bright and the animation leaves a kind of ghost trail over the screen. Details is rubbish.

    I have to check it on other monitors and TV screens,
    I have to alter bit rates in MPEG compression

    but does anyone know what the PAL/NTSC colour range effect in AFX should be set at?
    Also has anyone had to work on anything similar.


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    Here's what i've been told. When the raw footage is captured from the cheaper end cameras the colour levels are 0 - 255. These colour levels should be reset to 16-235 to make them legally broadcastable

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    have noticed those settings in one of the panels with the encoder. I have tried a few alternatives and it seems to be a combination of having to scale down the original PSD layers leaving them quite pixelated with the original footage running at 12fps and then stretched to 16.9. On a bad TV screen the trails edges look rubbish. I hope these guys I'm doing this for have a better monitor than mine. Funny it all looks OK on a VGA monitor but then it always does..


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