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Thread: promo video (first real project!)

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    Default promo video (first real project!)

    hey guys, i have a project i need to do (3-5 mins) for a young woman's youth program. the idea is to show the benefits of the program for this girls (ages 13 to 16). they are super urban kinda from the projects.

    music will be key.
    interviews (for voice overs and such) are also a must).
    some random shots of them laughing/having fun together.

    i'm just wondering if there's much of a format to follow for this type of thing. i guess you could classify this as a short, pseudo-documentary.

    so far i'm thinking along the lines of an essay format.. ask a question, (as a thesis statement) then show examples, and answer the question at the end.... type of thing..

    thoughts/ideas/critiques, i would love to see/hear!

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    I don't think there is a specific formula or format for this type of thing. The main thing I would do is communicate what the group is all about. Make sure you fulfil the brief from the client. What are it's aims/purposes, what does it do, who are the members, where is it, when does it meet etc... So long as you cover the basics like these you should be covered.

    I agree that interviewing the girls is essential. Asking them what they feel they get out of the program etc. I think they will be your best source for getting the right music.

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