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Thread: Sony Vegas 8 Quality Problem.

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    Default Sony Vegas 8 Quality Problem.

    Hi everyone well my problem is that i have been editing a WMV video and i have rendered it in a lot of formats but my final video always ends up losing quality. So i was wondering if you guys know how to retain the quality of the original video?

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    What format do you want the final render ? If it's mpeg2 make sure the bit rate is at least 8Gb.

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    i dont mind the final format could be WMV, MPEG-2 or AVI. i just dont want the rendered video to weigh 9 GB or more like it happens sometimes when i render in AVI
    i tried what you said i even got the bitrate to the max but still i lose quality at the end...

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    Is the original clip interlaced or progressive ? perhaps you are having some issue with that. Make sure you duplicate the original setting on this ie upper or lower field first if it's interlaced or Progressive if it's progressive.

    You are always going to have some quality loss when you re render a video but with the right settings it shouldn't be to noticeable with one render.

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    Hi chronocross. How long is the movie? I've got a couple that are around 10min; one is about 295mb and the other is around 455mb both rendered in the MPEG2 setting without any quality loss as far as I could see.
    Did you render both video and audio together as one thing?
    I only ask because I'm rendered both separately and was wondering whether it's better like that or to render them together.

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