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Thread: VHS TO PC - TO DVD need help please.

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    Default VHS TO PC - TO DVD need help please.

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum,

    I've recently started to convert my vhs videos to dvd and am looking for a bit of advice.

    At the moment I am converting using an external device (easy cap) which captures my vhs to my laptop in real time. I then edit the footage sometime just with music and a dvd menu, but some times with alot more editing such as special effects, transitions etc. I'm not too happy with the quality it transfers it at, and also the time it takes to transcode the dvd, and then to burn it. I want the quality to be better, and not to take as long.

    I've had a look at VHS to DVD recorders and have seen that I can record using the machine, and then rip the footage off the dvd onto my pc, edit it, and then burn it back onto another disc via my laptop. this apparently produces better quality dvds, is that correct?

    I've also looked at the VHS to DVD HDD recorders, I know the HDD allows me to edit it without it being on my pc, but what features does it have in terms of editing, i.e. could i put music, dvd menus to it?

    Also i've read that when using a vhs to dvd recorder, if i was to rip the dvd to my pc, i'd have to use DVD-RAM disc? and then burn it back to a DVD-R disc. what's the difference?

    If I was to rip the dvd, I use Win X Dvd Ripper (paid) is the best format to use AVI?

    In a nutshell, what would you suggest I do,

    I want to copy VHS videos that I can edit quite thoroughly, keeping the highest quality, and then to burn it to dvd. and also using the settings and formats you have suggested, how much video would fit onto a 4.7gb dvd.

    Thanks very much,

    Any information is much appreciated.


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    Hi Josh,
    The ideas you have for converting your tapes are in essence complications of the process you already have in place. Capturing the VHS tapes using the EasyCap device happens in real time... an hour of tape takes an hour and there is no way to cut that down. The tape has to play for anything to read it.

    Your ultimate output will be to DVD so you MUST use MPEG2 to do that.

    What video file format does the EasyCap device give to when you capture the VHS tapes?

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    Thanks for the reply,

    I'm aware that the transfer is in real time, its the transcoding bit in adobe encore that takes soo long.

    when I use cyberlink, or pinnacle it doesn't take anywhere near as long and so im wondering why adobe takes so long.

    As for the file format, it lets me transfer using DV,AVI,MPEG,VCD,SVCD,DVD,& WMV

    which method is the best? i will first transfer it, and then import it into another editing software so I can edit it better than what the easy cap software can do, and then author to dvd.

    I want to keep the quality as best as I can.

    Is the method of buying a vhs to dvd recorder any good? I would want to rip the dvd onto my pc, edit it, and then author it back onto dvd.



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    Ok this is what I would do.

    I would use the EasyCap to transfer from VHS to DV.avi files. Even though they are very big they are essentially a lossless format and by far the best for editing. Hard drive real estate is cheap.

    They are especially good if you are wanting to try to use filters on the footage.

    I would then do any editing needed and output to a 5 or 6Mb per second MPEG2 file for DVD. This will retain the best quality given the VHS quality you are starting with and give you about an hour and a half per DVD.

    Render times should be better with DV.avi to MPEG2 as the DV.avi files have all the information available to the program. I don't know why Encore is slow on your particular computer.

    If you go with a VHS to DVD recorder then you will have to rip the MPEG2 off the DVD for editing. MPEG2 is compressed and is not as good for editing as DV.avi. You may also get mixed results if using filters on the footage.

    Additionally you will then be to some degree re-rendering to MPEG2 and may again lose quality.


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