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Thread: Edit music out of a movie?

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    Default Edit music out of a movie?

    Lets say in a movie there is music playing in the background and dialog over it. Is there a way to edit out the music?

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    [strike] What is wrong with google?
    Seriously dude, why can't you research this yourself?[/strike]

    Ok, I'll be nice.
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    I did try Google first and couldn't find a good tutorial or answer...I thought forusm were more user friendly.

    Don't fucking post if your not going to help you ignorant little shit.

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    In theory, this could be possible. You would need to isolate the music by obtaining the samee version of the song. Software can then attempt to extract this from the audio. I say in theory, as in a perfect scenario it would be simple. In practice, the results are likely to be awful, with significant sound degredation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigben654321 View Post
    What is wrong with google?

    Seriously dude, why can't you research this yourself?

    He HAS done just that, he has asked on a forum. If you can't contribute something positive BigBen... Keep quiet please.

    ToxStudios, as Marc has said, it is (sort of) possible but the results are dodgy. One way relies on the music being stereo and the speech being mono and involves "inverting" the phase of the music to cancel it out. I have tried, on a purely "just for fun" basis to do this and have never got anything worthwhile.

    Tox, welcome to the forum, don't worry about BigBen, he's new here... The regulars are much more friendly!

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    As per Gaffer's post:

    It is similar to the those who want to generate audio for Karaoke; where the requirement is to remove the vocals, but leave the background music.
    It is common in pop music to place the vocals (and bass) in the centre of the stereo mix. Software can then use phase shifting to cancel out the identical frequencies in the two channels. Whilst far from perfect, anyone interested might like to consider the free software "Audacity" and try the effect named "vocal remover".

    Then, by performing phase reversal on both tracks; the revised audio can be remixed with the original. Then, use EQ to remove all bass sounds. In theory, that would leave just the vocals

    In practice (I have just tested my theory with an Abba song), the results contained; as Marc Peters wrote "significant sound degredation".

    As other posters have commented; it cannot yet (year 2010) be done successfully. Separating instruments sources from a mixed audio is akin to unbaking a cake.

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    Might be possible with a gate too.

    A gate is like an automatic mute. When the gate is open you can hear the audio, when its shut you can't.

    The audio level is likely to be louder when someone is speaking, so set the gate appropriately and it will open when they speak and close when they don't.


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    But when they speak the soundtrack would be there anyway...

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    Depends what type of music it is.

    If it is music in background of the scene, then the speech will cover it.

    If it is a soundtrack then probably not.


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    I once had this problem when trying to rip something from DVD, I used the Invert tool in Audacity and it kinda worked but I decided that the original audio quality affected the method. Perhaps worth a try though?

    bigben654321, I'm not trying to start some war, but I think that you need to reconsider the way you reply to questions, I lurk around here often and am sometimes shocked by your replies. People come here for professional help, not to be mocked.

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