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Thread: my funny video!

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    Default my funny video!

    hey, im new here
    - a few day ago i made a new movie. i used imovie to edit it.
    i posted it on youtube.
    heres the link:

    write what u think about it?

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    I thought:

    Some of the script was slightly amusing. But, many of the scenes lasted far too long; and I got bored. There were too many comparisons. And - the credits are the end scrolled too fast. Whilst the clip is intended to be humorous, I might have preferred the sterotyping to be based on cultural and not racial generalisations.

    Congratulations, the clip showed alot of planning and care had been taken.
    But, as mentioned above; I think it needs more editing.
    Well done.

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    Have to agree with what TimA has said above but would add:
    Poor sound - not dreadful but should have been a lot clearer.
    Also, could you not have found some adults to do the voices of the parents? These just sounded like kids pretending to be adults.

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    Well, It is ok for the newcomer for movie making, keep on improve your skills by viewing the valuable comments.
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  5. Default Good work!

    Good work, but still need some improvement on close up's. Overall nice, keep it up. Keep posting your work.

    Funny Videos

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    Default candid C.

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