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Thread: Please help me with the editing

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    Default Please help me with the editing

    Hi everyone! I'm very new to this site, I found it while I was looking for help with the editing. I'm a young film maker and director, or at least it's what I want to do!!! LOL!!!
    I just shot my first own project, a documentary, and I'm now in the editing stage of it. I dont have an Apple pc, so I cant use the most famous and most used Final Cut, but I'm using a very good program called Ciberlink. Maybe some one of you know it already.
    Anyway, the help I need is on something that I cant come round doing. I often saw it used in videos, particularly in ones shot in the sky. It's a forward effect in which you can see the camera going from one point to the other very quickly. But it's not a normal forward effect. Actually it's hard to explain.
    If you have any idea of what I'm talking about please let me know.
    Thanks, Cecilia

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    It sounds like you're talking about event panning. I don't use cyberlink, but in vegas, it is simple. The clip has an event pan/crop feature where you can control the camera movement and placement within a frame or clip.
    I'm pretty sure that vegas movie studio is capable of doing that if the cyberlink software you have cannot. It is pretty inexpensive compared to the more featured vegas pro. You can download both demos directly from sony, here Sony Creative Software - Vegas Pro, Vegas Movie Studio, and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition and see is either will do what you need to do. I would definitely recommend vegas pro as it will do everything final cut will do.

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    Can you get Sony Vegas pro for Windows, or does it just run on Mac? Been using Adobe premier for a while now

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    Yes, it very much a Windows program. There are lot of Vegas users on this forum if you need help.

    Good look with your editing.

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    Hi Midnight Blue, Is Vegas, better than Adobe Premier CS3? Av you got any video samples online i can peek at, that you have edited using Vegas.

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    I've never used Adobe Premier so I can't give an honest comparison. I've used Vegas for about 9 months now and find it very good for what I need. I don't do many special effects but Vegas can do a whole bunch of things if you want. I'm like you, I'm hoping to be a film maker some day.

    You can check out some of my vids HERE if you want.

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    Great video's .............

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    Thank you

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    I moved from Premiere to Final Cut because I changed from a PC to mac.

    Neither is better, they're just different. In the same way Vegas is the most popular editing software on this particular forum and the results are just as good as video edited on FCP or Premiere. The software is just a tool.

    It's important not to let the software rule your film-making. If you're just starting out then you'll find that you'll only use about 5% of your software's capability anyway. It's only worth spending a lot of money on expensive editing software when you find that your current software isn't doing all that you want.


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