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    I cannot comment on the cycling. I have to assume it is perilous and cool.

    But, I found the clip a bit boring. Just a young man on a bicycle ride.

    The use of the wide angle lens did not appear to offer much. Is it necessary to show the black edge around the visible area?

    I might have preferred to see some more ingenious use of the camera and locations. How about the camera on the ground as the bicycle flys over it. Or using slow motion to better see the complexity of some of the moves. How about attaching the camera to the rider or the cycles' frame; to add some excitement?

    Intestingly, some of the riding appeared to have been done without wearing a helmet. Is that safe?

    Despite my comments, it seemed reasonably well paced, and the images looked clear and in focus; although I might have preferred some action audio rather than some ripped off song.

    Thanks for posting the link. What are you planning next?

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