I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this:

The noise is mostly due to poor tracking. I'm capturing via a capture card. (For some reason there is no audio. Help! And, while the regular coaxial imput is fine, when I use a SCART to S-video cable the picture is black and white HELP!) I've noticed that the noise is different every time. If I capture it multiple times and edit it so they all start and end on the same frames, can any programme work out what is meant to be there and what is noise based on this? Or would I have to manually switch to the best capture all the time in an editing programme? The audio isn't a huge problem. I can get that later. I have adobe after effects cs3, and a few editing programmes, but can anyone suggest a really good piece of software to clean the finished footage. I'm not expecting a miracle, but I like the "fill light" feature in vreveal which brightens only the dark portions of the picture. Is there anything that does this better? A program like Ikena would be great, but the cost is prohibitive