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Thread: Product Placement and the UK film festival circuit?

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    Default Product Placement and the UK film festival circuit?

    Hi all

    I am making a short, have a great script and one household name willing to act in it. I found an excellent location, but it costs a bit... well at least for me - 930 for the day's shooting I intend. The budget for the film is tiny for a film (1,500 forecast) but big when I consider self-financing.

    Anyway back to the title of this thread: Product Placement is one idea I have come up with. As it's a low budget production I was thinking of asking local companies, seeing whether they'd provide some funding for this film or the film group I've just started up.

    But IF they did give me some pennies would that mean restrictions on the film festival circuit? Is that sort of thing frowned upon?
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    I thought the point of film festivals was to showcase the creative talent and ingenuity that filmakers had when on insanely low budgets.

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    One thing that has always puzzled me is, when is advertising not advertising.

    As in you example, companies will pay money to have their products in main films, yet the music / musician always gets paid, even though it is a an advert for his wares as well.

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    Product placemet is illegal in the UK. The ASA forbids it and the film will not get a classification if you have blatant product placement. In the same way if a festival jury get the feeling that you're doing a bit of advertising, they'll reject the film outright.

    If you think you can get away with it... Have a go but be aware that you'll end up with a short film which you can only show on youtube if it goes wrong.

    Yes, I know that the Bond films get "donation" of BMW sports cars to trash and all sorts of product placement occurs. One rule for those with legal departments and expensive lawyers, another rule for the rest of us. There's no point in moaning about it, that's just the way it is.

    Personally, it's a good idea to try and get "sponsors" by placing their products in a positive light, just be aware that it's not (officially) allowed. You can, of course, mention them in the end credits though.

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    Its very confusing what braveheart has just said... I can't imagine for one minute that you would want to wrap everything in white paper so no labeling was visable or that you would deliberately blank out what would look like a placement advert..........??

    Perhaps I am overstepping the mark but isn't placement advertising just having and object in sight without verbally giving a testamony that the product is fantastic?,...surely just on the grounds that its there doesn't mean its an advert does it?

    ................if that was the case I wonder where Land Rover ever got their profits from since nearly every film made has one somewhere in its which would near enough amount to a big percentage of what they manufactured.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Cheema View Post
    yet the music / musician always gets paid, even though it is a an advert for his wares as well.
    But if his wares are producing film music, his paying to have it included in a film would be somewhat self defeating, wouldn't it.

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    I did hear on radio 2 that there was a drive to promote product placement on the radio however,..wonder how coca cola would pull that one off??

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    Quote Originally Posted by TFV View Post
    I did hear on radio 2 that there was a drive to promote product placement on the radio however
    The imagination boggles Would it lead to contrived dramatic plots to include scripts such as:
    "I shall GoCompare prices of Cellotape and BlueTack to repair my Hoover. I heard over the Tannoy that a real CostSaver is to QuickFit a Biro and a Kleenex Araldited to my Jeep."

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