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Thread: converting widescreen AVI into WMV file problem

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    Default converting widescreen AVI into WMV file problem

    I try to convert a AVI file, made with PPRO/matrox100, wide screen (basic 720*576) into a wmv file.
    I use the windwos media encoder and have tried various settings.
    The best result I get is when I set the windows media server streaming, total birate 548 and properties videosize crop: on 1024*576, method": no cropping and resize: auto (PAL setting).
    But the result is that the video when fast moving objects looks at the contours of the objects as little vischgrates.
    Anyone who will look at the result go to my website and click on "Samenloop voor hoop KWF kankerbestrijding", where you see the problem.

    Anyone experience with this, what settings must I use in the WME ?
    Thanks for replying

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    I am assuming you are referring to the "combing" effect on the outside of objects when there is motion.

    At a guess I would say that you are re-compressing already heavily compressed video footage. For example MP4 to WMV.

    Compression does not mean that the digital information has been compressed! That is more marketing than scientific fact. Compression generally means that information has been discarded in such a way that for playback, the original file looks great.

    However for editing and conversion to other heavily compressed formats it is another story and what you are seeing is one of the things that happens.

    What are the properties of the original video files you used?

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    Thanks for replying and waching the video.
    The video orginally is in AVI format and converted with windows media encoder.
    The strange thing is when I convert a normal 4:3 AVI video with the in Adobe Premiere pro 2.0 given build in converter (as most of the other videos on my site are made with), there seems to be no problem. But the premiere version 2.0 has no converting possibility to convert a 16:9 footage, so I bring the AVI clip int the windows encoder with the given results.

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    There are about 800 different video file types that use the extension AVI. AVI describes HOW the file was put together for playback but does not reveal much more.

    DivX, Xvid, DVD avi, MP4, uncompressed avi... they are all wildly different files but use the extension AVI.

    The real properties of the file would help. Frame rate, codec used to create the file, field order all that stuff!

    Also I am a little confused (some would say I am very confused but I never listen to them) about the original file resolution. Is the original 720*576? That would suggest a standard definition 4:3 file. Are you then trying to take it up to 1024*576?

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    I edit my stuff with Premiere Pro 2.0, and when I use widescreen footages the seting of this software are in widescreen position.

    The image size then is 720*576, pixel depth 24, frame rate 25 (PAL)
    pixel ratio 1,422, AVI, and because I use the matrox 100 card, upper field first.
    Converting this to mpeg2 into Adobe encore for DVD burning works well.
    Using the build in Matrox media encoder for footages in 4:3 using in the web works also well.
    But footages filmed in 16:9, converting for the web using the windows media encoder gives problems. I tried many settings, but I think I make some mistake with this settings and can't workout what I am doing wrong.
    The best results I obtain is with the following settings of te Windows media encoder.

    - Distribution method: windows media server (streaming)
    - total bitrate 548kbps, multiple bitrates

    The in properties-videosize:
    - crop (based on): 1024*576 (this setting is not equal to the image size, but when I use the image size (720*576) as "crop setting" the resulting picure will be distorted in a sort of 4:3 format (long heads etc).

    - method:no cropping
    (when I use the setting: widescreen 1,67: I loose at the bottom and top material and the picture also is sort of distorted.

    - resize: auto

    With these setings the result as given in my website occurs.
    I think I do something wrong in the media encoder, but al the various settings I tried gives bad results.

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    When you convert using Media Encoder check the settings to make sure it is not swapping the field order to lower field first.

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    The problem seems to be solved. It looks if it was a interlacing problem.
    Setting Deinterlace solved the problem.
    Thanks for trying to help me out

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    I was running out of ideas! Glad it was fixed.

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