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    hi...I wonder if you can help me...I am doing some research for Uni into forums for AV / videographers / technicians etc. Other than this forum, which other sites, communities, forums do you use to discuss technology, cameras or look for work? many thanks, Jon

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    C'mon Jon!

    You've come onto our forum to ask us what other forums there are? Taking the p!ss a bit there!

    Try Google.

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    missed my point, sorry...
    where do you guys look for new work & new projects? what sites do you advertise on? where do you buy your equipment? how do people find you? i am trying to get a picture of the landscape...not trying to get you to promote competitor forums...

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    "Word-of-mouth recommendation is considered the best form of advertising, because it is persuasive, credible and free."

    I believe most people who are good at what they do in this particular industry. act on the above principle.

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