Hi all,
I am a new member and an absolute beginner in video editing.
I have some MPEG movies that I need to edit, because I have to publish them on the web and I do not want to be sued by the people I have filmed which may not like that I put them on the internet.
Therefore I need a free software for editing to cover the eyes of the faces with black squares ( I do not know if you saw those " reality movies " when they show normal people on TV with their eyes covered by black strips ).
I need just that, unfortunately I have tried some software for editing which are fine but, unless you spend 100 dollars to buy the full version, you will have your movie covered with a big text !!

I am desperate, could you help me ??

Is not there any free software for video editing which you can use do edit some short videos which allows you to do that without this problem ( to have your video ruined by strange texts ?? )

Please ..