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Thread: Upper/lower field during encoding questions

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    Default Upper/lower field during encoding questions

    Hi All,

    I know this has been beaten up, but I am unable to find an exact answer to my problem. I am from Australia and we use PAL B/G (lower field)

    I have captured video from a Canon FS100 SD video recorded. The captured footage is upper field, 25fps, 720x576 format. When using Videostudio I encode using the following:

    1. MPEG optimizer, upper field first
    2. Project settings, lower field first

    I do this on my study PC, which has a LCD (i.e. progressive field) monitor and is connected to my network via Wireless N. I store the vid's on my NAS Netgear Stora.

    When I play the vid's on my study PC they look great (ie. frame rate perfect, smooth when panning, etc.)

    Now, when I play them on my HTPC, connected to the network for 100 Ethernet, they don't look so good and the motion is a little choppy and some frames are skipped. The HTPC is connected to my CRT via component and the display driver indicates 576i (interlaced).

    I am at a loss to explain how this is happening. The HTPC is higher spec'd and is connected via Ethernet, not wireless, but I get a worse picture.

    Should I bight the bullet and just get a plasma/LCD or is there a solution?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you tried de-interlacing?

    I would suggest that you have a go with that and it'll give you a clue whether it's the processing or the TV which is the problem.

    My thoughts are that you're recording in upper field first but processing it as lower field first, which will give some problems on cuts and transitions. I would keep it as the original footage right until the end, when you can spit it out in whatever format your TV works on.

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    Hi fab4272,
    Don't sweat this one too much it's simple.
    Your cam records UFF. Set EVERYTHING in VideoStudio to match that from start to finish.

    That means the project settings, MPEG optimizer, output settings...everything... done.

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