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Thread: Block box showing around mouse after render.

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    Default Block box showing around mouse after render.

    I checked the source video and there doesn't seem to be the same black box there but upon rendering in Movie Stuido I'm getting a black box around the mouse which is a bit annoying. Anyone know what could be causing this or a possible fix?

    Rendering settings
    Format: Sony AVC (*.mp4;*.m2ts;*.avc)
    Template: Internet 1280x720-30p
    Render loop region only: checked
    Stretch video to fit frame size: unchecked
    Save project as path reference: unchecked
    Save project markers in media file: checked

    Software Version
    Sony Movie Studio HD 9.0c

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    I'm having the exact same problem in a way.
    I used to get that mouse problem, fixed it ages ago.
    Now parts of my video are being coloured in black, not the entire screen, but like a character from a game will be coloured in perfectly black, no matter where it moves on the screen, it's always coloured in black.
    I think it only happens after you render parts of your video which have been fast forwarded.

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