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Thread: HD Camcorder novice question

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    Default HD Camcorder novice question

    Hi everyone,

    Im about to buy my first camcorder but have a question....

    if I get a HD camcorder then I cant put the footage on a standard DVD to watch on our DVD player can I? Does this mean I will have to burn the footage to a blu-ray?

    Many thanks and I apoligise if I make no sense at all or have get everything wrong!!!

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    Yes you can burn it on to a standard DVD but only in SD. You need a Blu-Ray burner to burn real HD Blu-Rays. Some people may say you can burn HD onto a standard DVD but your DVD player may not play it and it would only be a short duration as you would have to keep the file size under 4.7Gb. BUT like I said the bit rate may be to high for your DVD player to cope with.

    Hope this answer isn't confusing.

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    You can export your footage back out to your camcorder and then use your camcorder to play the HD footage on an appropriate HD telly or... You can use a gizmo like the "Western Digital Multimedia Player" to play the footage on your telly directly from the hard-drive or a USB stick.

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    Thanks for the replys, that's answered everything I wanted to know
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