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Thread: Annoying trasition problem

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    Unhappy Annoying trasition problem

    My problem is: when i play the line, after it gets to the another part of the video on the preview it gets black and i can only hear the sound. When i pause, the program lags, freezes, w/e a little i shows again the video, but when i play again sometimes it works, sometimes it get black again and the same thing, sometimes it shows the vid a little then it get black again (no transition between).

    This is very frustrating and makes video editing much longer. :( When i do the same thing on Movie Maker it has no problem.

    If u didn't understand what i said, pls tell me i gonna explain again.

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    Is your project settings set correctly, e.g. is it set to the same format as the recorded file, look at the Match Project Settings on the properties page.
    This can make it sluggish, also change the preview window so it is set to draft and see if that is better.

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