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Thread: keep dropping frames with a powerful system

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    Default keep dropping frames with a powerful system

    i keep dropping frames in premiere pro im running cs5 with windows 7 64 bit, 3ghz core duo. 4gb ddr3 RAM, 1tb of 7200rpm sata drive, the drive is brand new with nothing stored on it but the clips of the video im editing and about 50 pictures. im shooting video with a dslr canon rebel T2I. im also shooting in 1080x720. i have no idea what the problem is??? im new to pc so this is starting to piss me off. my friend edited the same videos on his mac which is way slower than my computer with no problem his specs are 2 ghz intel duo, 1gb ram????

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    Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and look at task manager.

    How much of your system memory and processor are you using right now?

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    full resolution= CPU 100%, Memory 62%

    1/4 res = CPU 50%, Memory 48%

    it seems to be working fine right now. Im new at editing all this high end video. i just kept rendering the files and they seem to be running ok. ive also never used premiere. is it normal for CPU to be at 100% in full res?

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    Well, what do you mean by full resolution?

    Are you talking about the little window that sits in adobe premier?

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    yeah full resolution in the little window in premiere... it drops frames. I think there's a simple solution to my problem but i just dont know what it is

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    I am unsure about CS5; but with CS4 there two window which can display video. One is named "Resource Monitor" and other "Program Monitor". Their sizes are user configurable. Right clicking on either window shows a menu entry named "Quality". Whilst it is preferable to to use the highest quality for monitoring, there are also options for 'Draft' and 'Automatic'. These Quality options only affect the Window; not the final output.
    Does the stuttering occur when it is set to 'draft'?

    I might be inclined to see Adobe's site to see whether there are any other related issues, as there may be other settings relating to performance.

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