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Thread: Shooting different guns (slowmo)

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    Default Shooting different guns (slowmo)


    We went to shoot with friends and then I mixed clips together. I used sony handycam and some clips are recorded with slowmo function.

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    Slow mo?..Slow kidding me?.........,.....I would have expected to see the bullet come out of the muzzle if it was slow motion and not just the shell being ejected.......

    Was the guy shooting at something?...if so,......... what? Boring TBH

    I wanted to see the bullet ripping through something just to prove he wasn't firing blanks.

    Didn't watch it all the way through even if the music had Russian words glued to it... if the thought of seeing a Klashnikovinka being fired was appealing I didn't hang around to watch. Sorry it could have been better.

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    yes I watched the whole video, please let me help..maybe I know something here...!

    first do not title a tube video, go straight into the action, your title is already set by the name of the video, this is the biggest mistake people make when uploading onto the tube

    second, sure i know guns are hugely popular on the tube, a good gun video can easily go mega viral. where are the cut aways of the shooters while firing the guns, if we can't see the target lets see some good close up cut aways, faces, triggers, gun muzzle, bird in fright flight.

    third your video needs a good edit down, its too long considering the content

    take this advice or leave it, its your tube channel not mine
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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