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Thread: Question about smaller video file.

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    Default Question about smaller video file.

    Hey everyone! Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

    I have edited a 45 minute film on FCE, and upon asking a friend about exporting a film for DVD and uploading to the internet, he said:

    "go File > Export > Quick Time Conversion, then go to options and set it to DV PAL, set the quality to Best, make sure the aspect ratio is correct, uncheck Prepare for Internet Streaming."

    I did all this and have ended up with a video just over 10GB. Any ideas?

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    If you want to put this file into a DVD then it needs to be compressed. The easiest way is simply to open this file in imovie as a new event and then to import it into iDVD.

    Another way is with the timeline active in FCE go File>Export>Quicktime Movie and "Make movie self contained". Then open iDVD and drag the exported Quicktime movie file into the template of your iDVD project.

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    Thanks, but what's the ideal format for uploading to a web site?

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    That's a subject on its own with dozens of differing opinions depending on your broadband connection, the server's, the downloader's and the site. Both Vimeo and Youtube have their own forums which discuss endlessly what the best settings are.

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    Use compressor for these issues.

    Use the standard DVD Settings for DVD and make mov h264 settings for the web.
    But putting a 45 minute video on the web is always a problem...

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