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Thread: Rendered files larger than original?

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    Default Rendered files larger than original?

    I am trying to cut 21.4 GB worth of 1080p, 30 fps .mov's into smaller clips in order to send them to an editor. The footage was filmed on a Canon 7D camera. I used Sony Vegas to trim over half of the footage out. In the properties of the video, I am setting the project properties to (1280 x 720, 29.970 fps). I am attempting to render just the first 3rd of this footage as an uncompressed .mov and it comes out to 26 GB.

    Is there a way for me to just trim the undesired portions of my footage without turning it into a giant file? If I had a reel of film and cut half of it, the final reel would be half the size. I want to recreate this with Sony Vegas, and I am even trying to reduce the resolution from 1080 to 720.

    I need to keep it in HD so the editor can apply greenscreen backgrounds, but the goal is to send much less than 21.4 GB.
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    I just reread your workflow requirements, and laying off to another editor for further work. This is not experience - can't assist here . . .
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    The only thing I can suggest is to match the render settings with the clip properties ie if it is m2t format render in m2t etc. You can make change the size which will help to reduce the size of the file try to match the bit rate of the original clips.

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