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Thread: Sony DCR HC54E iLink Detection problem

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    Default Sony DCR HC54E iLink Detection problem

    I have a Sony DCR HC54E handicam (DV). I want to transfer recording from the mini-DV cassette to my PC. However, despite installing everything in the CD that came along with the camera, my PC says that the USB device is not recognized. Since I dont have an iLink port on my PC i used an iLink to USB convertor to connect it to my PC.
    What do I need to do in order to get it working?

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    The point of DV tapes is that when you capture the footage onto a computer every single computer in the world can read and capture a DV signal. Therefore you should not NEED any extra software from your camcorder.

    DV footage is normally captured with a "firewire" lead. However you seem to have something called an iLink. What is this iLink?
    " i.LINK is the Sony Corporation implementation of a standard, IEEE 1394,"
    So we now know you have a firewire IEEE 1394 output from your camcorder. Which means you need a Firewire in on your computer, as you do not have a port you have used an adaptor.

    This leads me to the conclusion that the Adaptor is your point of failure and if you would not mind posting a link to this adaptor, we could help you further.

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    Thanks for the prompt reply bigben.
    Unfortunately, I do not have the link to the adapter since it is a cheap chinese made. But since you are saying that the adaptor is the point of problem I will try using a different medium and let you know.
    On a different note, my laptop has an iLink/Firewire port. When I tried connecting the camera using an iLink to iLink cable the laptop did not detect the camera at all. There was no reaction at all. My cable might be faulty but I am now starting to doubt the port in my camera.

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    When troubleshooting problems you must establish a clear process of elimination.

    - See if the camera itself can talk with another computer. Are you able to ask a friend if you can bring the camera round to his house to plug it in and see if the camera talks to his computer?
    - Can you borrow another cable from someone?
    - Have you made sure the software is setup correctly?
    - Then the point of failure could be the fire-wire port itself.

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