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Thread: Wireless / Radio Mic Set up ?

  1. Default Wireless / Radio Mic Set up ?

    Ive just had a quick look now, we currently used a Wired Mic for interviews, but want a wireless system , and the ones i have seen all come with Tie Clip mics, something we wouldnt use.

    Now they dont say, so i have no idea, but can you just plug a normal Microphone into these transmitters and use them with a hand held mic ?

    Also, has anyone got any recomendations for a system that would work well ( its a Sony FX1 so it would need to fit a 3.5 Jack, even if its with adapters etc )


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    The Sennheiser G3 system has a transmitter gizmo which plugs onto the base of an XLR. The receiver just needs the appropriate cable (it comes with an XLR out but others are available).

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    Ok. What is your budget?
    Why do you not wish to use tieclips?
    What kind of wired microphone do you have?!?

    Buy yourself these:

    Then one of these:

    Then look at the big issues with the radio mic licensing that is going on in the UK. Which means that you either use free de-regulated wireless frequencies OR you have to pay a for a license to use a specific set of frequencies.

    Failure to investigate carefully will mean if you get caught you WILL get a 4000 fine and other sanctions. A "pro" camera crew came in to shoot someone's wedding in our church building and illegally used a set of wireless frequencies we had PAID to own. Which ruined all the radio mics for the wedding which we had setup.

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    Cheers for the Reply

    Well, for Budget, as much as it costs really, obviously as cheap as possible, but i dont want to buy cheap and get rubbish.

    Mic is being replaced to, so will be buying to suit the system, but the reason for it not being a tie clip is that its for interviews ( motorsport ) so they will be going on as it happens and not setting up any clip on stuff etc ( as well as the mic being passed between the person and presenter

    The mention of the licences etc though does make me think about the other option, which i had half dismissed , which was to buy something like the Zoom H4n as a seperate audio recorder and then the presenter can have a wired mic, with that in his pocket, and i just overlay the sound and the video afterwards - obviously that idea was put to one side due to the extra work, but its possibly a cheaper option that may work as well overall ?

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    Ummm... I personally would avoid that. In the rare occasions when I have had to synch up sound-video I always find it a bit of a pain in the ass.

    Also by doing that you are creating a possibile point of failure whereby the recorder and the microphone volume control sits in the pocket of your presenter.

    Now if you have a proper system going into the camera, whilst you are recording you can have a discrete ear piece listening in to the audio and you can enjoy a little meter bridge.

    If the unit sits in the presenters pocket how can you listen to the audio feed to make sure it is A) clear B) working

    And if he accidentally knocks the record button off somehow you will have lost your audio.

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    Easiest is best. For interviews a cabled microphone, held by the presenter and positioned where it's needed is the best solution. A 50 Dynamic mic, six inches in front of the speakers mouth will sound as good as it gets.

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