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    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum if so can it be moved as this seemed the most relevant to me

    Anyway i work at Panasonic Store so have a full range of HD Camcorders etc etc and we are looking to shoot a video that shows off our team however we are trying to acheive this effect [ame=]YouTube - Chelsea Sky Sport Lineup[/ame] the same as the sky sports football line up the best way i can describe it is as a "spawn" effect would anybody have any idea of how this can be acheived and what i will need to do this

    Thanks In Advance

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    To me it looks like they did a mask of the player and filled it with some particle effects essentially. Taking a quick peek in Google results in quite a few hits for "After Effects teleport effect", many of them similar to your video or in the vein of the movie Jumper.

    The best results I found is unfortunately only available on a Serious FX DVD, but that DVD seems to include quite a few high quality tutorials so is probably worth the $50 price tag I can't afford. heh

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    The players have stood in front of a green screen and chroma-keyed into the image. Most editing programs will do this.
    The transition where they appear is something you'd probably have to do in Adobe AfterEffects.

    If you don't want to buy AfterEffects, I'd take a snapshot of the first frame where they appear and bring it into an image editor like Photoshop. Then cut around the person carefully and fill it with blue. Then save it with transparency and bring it into the video editor. You should have many fancy transition effects that you wouldn't normally touch in there, so bring up the still image and make it dissolve in, and add a swishy transition effect, then cut to the actual chroma-keyed footage of the football player walking towards the camera.

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