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Thread: Take a survey about video storage, Win one SSD storage device

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    Hey all!
    I am a research associate for a technology incubator in Austin, TX. I am now conducting the market research for one of our portfolio companies. This is a solid state drive storage manufacturer based in Austin, Texas. It has the world’s most advanced data transfer technology and can accelerate the data transfer speed to as high as 2GB/s. With its cutting-edge data transfer technology, this company believes it is going to revolutionize the whole video editing experience. To help this company better understand the market, I sincerely invite you to participate in our survey. You will have the honor of being part of this technology revolution! I will draw one winner out of all the participants. The winner will get a free SSD storage! This survey only consists of 10 questions. I truly appreciate your time.

    Here is the link to the survey.

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    Let me know if you guys have any questions. I truly appreciate your feedback. Your feedback will be critical for the company to develop the best product for your use in the future!

    Feel free to contact me at

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