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Thread: Question on 240FPS Card Sampling a 30 FPS NTSC CDD Camera

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    Default Question on 240FPS Card Sampling a 30 FPS NTSC CDD Camera

    Maybe a silly question, but I'm all new to this.

    I have a CCD Camera with an Analog BNC Output. (Pulnix TM-7EX)

    My understanding is that the real-time frame rate is set within the camera to 30 FPS NTSC ... maybe I'm wrong here, is it dependant on what's doing the capturing ???

    I can buy a PC card which will capture at 240 FPS ... 8 CH all real time DVR CARD 240 FPS CCTV VIDEO RECORDER (item 180514663317 end time 30-Jun-10 08:02:55 BST)

    Is there any point to this oversampling ?

    I do want the best result as possible as using the camera to make a 3D Laser Scanner.

    Thanks for any advice and help.

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    During capture from a tape drive on the camera, the playback rate (fps) is determined by the camera not the capture card. This will usually be 25 fps PAL or 30 fps NTSC.

    I would say there is no point to over sampling unless you are going for a special FX look to your footage.

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