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    Default youtube running times

    Just a quick question about youtube running times. When I very recently uploaded our short Outer Realms to youtube, it stated that running times had to be under 10 minutes and file sizes to be less than 2Gb.

    I note that New Gods had a running time of 12 mins. Is the 10 min stated by youtube not set in stone?

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    Yes it is for anyone who has a normal account but if you had a directors account some time ago they allowed you more time etc. This was tightened up recently, don't know exactly when but there are still some accounts that can still upload films longer than 10 mins.

    Example, Worddigger on this forum can.

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    Yes 10 minutes, what a pain especially if something we make runs over by 30 second...

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    It's really not 10 minutes, anyone can upload a video that is 10:59

    If you are excepted into the partner program you can upload a video of any length.

    you can sign up at

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    just on the aspect of any length to a upload, there was a tuber ( partner) who attempted a 8 hour upload, sort of stunt and challenge rolled all in one, have a feeling it was a failed project.

    honestly thank god for a time limit, and yes it has been raised recently for standard accounts, not exactly sure why this was done.

    years ago i was in a video club which based many of its comps on a 3 min rule, sure i always thought 3 mins was a very short time and like most i thought it was unfair at the time

    these days ( some 20 years on) i am sure being taught years ago to make a good short video has been the best skill to learn in a online video environment where you literally have 10 seconds to make a impression as your always a click away from being dropped.

    sadly very few videos over 3 to 4 mins in length keep their audience, the temptation to skip click or click away is all to strong with online video, so many fail to make a engaging 10 min video and have no idea on producing a short 90 second video.

    these days i feel it is actually more difficult to produce a 90 second video ( for a online environment) which works versus a video over 4 to 5 mins, i know for a fact anything I upload onto the tube which is over 60 seconds is always skip viewed and rarely fully viewed.

    pretty sure we are all guilty of not fully watching a video, personally its very rare to watch something 10 mins long all the way without clicking away!
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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