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    Question Text Effect

    Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to work on a text effect I have in mind but can't quite know how to do it.

    I want, at the end of my movie, to have text that is coming out of sand (I have found a sand picture on the net) and that has that grainy effect coming out from the letters (as if the sand was swiping away).

    At the end, I would have wanted for the letters to evaporate into grains of sand and go away with the wind (but I beleive it might be more complicated...but if it's do-able...

    Thanks for your kind help!
    P.S. Sorry if I may have some problems expressing myself in English...I'm French so sometimes I might have some difficulties but I try my best!

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    Sounds more like a job for After Effects.

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    Yeh it's not easy it's kind off annoying we had to morph letters in a flash animation make one word fly around and say something else. All i could say is if you're not keen on trying it get try get away with something simple but nice.
    And yer good job archie hahahaha

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    What you really want is Trapcode's Text To Sand feature from Trapcode Form.

    As cool as that is, it's still $200, possibly out of the price range of amateur users, so here's two other similar effects you can do without that plug-in:

    Using AE's built-in Particle Playground to have a similar effect:


    Here's a tutorial so simulate sand rushing over your text instead:

    [ame=]YouTube - After Effects - Create Animated Sand Part 1[/ame]

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