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    Default hi I need some help

    Hi as you can see i am new to this forum and i would like to take this time to say a big hello to you all.

    I run a Paranorma team that hold investigations all over thurrock essex, so far i have been puting my videos onto vhs put i have just started to try to edit them on the pc so i can them make DVD'S.

    I have ulead studio edit 8 also pure motion and a sony one that come with the vido cam (sony D the sony softwear captures at mpeg1 and is about 348meg of about 12mins of video but i am not happy with the quality of that, the ulead i am finding far to big around 840meg for about 7mins, what i have tried to do is to capture using the sony then edit using the ulead this looked as if it was going to be ok but as i was about to copy as a dvd i noticed that the file size was 9gb (not going to fit onto a dvd) last night i saved the same file to dvd using the sony softwear (can not edit things that well with this plus you can not put any titles or over lay a sound track with this) and this was ok ,it saved to dvd and the file sivze was 4gb but just looked a bit poor.

    I have abour 2 and a half hours of video i need to make into a good dvd with titles and stuff.
    i will be making a lot of dvd's this year of all the investigations so its about time i done it right.
    Any help you can give woulfd be great as i am pulling my hair out .


    feel free to have a look at my website

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    Basically you need to take these steps

    1. Capture your raw DV footage into your editing suite software

    2. Edit, Place titles, add sound tracks etc

    3. Output the final edit as an .AVI file

    4. Put this new .AVI file into an encoding software and encode as an .M2V file plus the audio file as a .WAV or similar

    5. You then need a DVD authoring software to bring the .M2V and .WAV files into to be able to output your final DVD

    A search on this site will find specific help for you for all of the processes above

    Good luck

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    thanks shiner
    I have just been reading all the info on this site about ulead and its sounds as if i can only copy 1hour of film using this. i have not split the audio and video i only just add a soundtrack over the start of the film.

    do you think it would be better to buy say pinnacle with the add on box ?

    as your sig says It's easy if you know - but usually i don't !!!

    well i know nothing lol

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    all the info on this site about ulead and its sounds as if i can only copy 1hour of film using this.
    This is incorrect, what the posts should refer to is that under the DVD standard you can copy about 1 hour of movie to a DVD using Best Settings (8000Kbps). This is true of all packages, so investesting in Pinnacle will not necessarily overcome that particular problem. Incidentally you can get 90 minutes of video on a standard single layer DVD using 6000kpbs.

    The fact of the matter is that you can copy almost as much video as you like, using any package, subject to your system contraints (OS, disk space etc).

    COMPAQ something or other with 500Gb Boot Disk, 1Tb external Firewire Disk, 4Gb Memory and a super duper sound card, 19" TFT Monitor etc etc etc
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    thanks purejammy that will save me some money
    I will be getting a Firewire card on monday as i am using the usb port right now.


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    by the way thanks for you help , sometimes you find a forum and as you are new your post never get replied to, so thanks for replying.

    and I think i might be buging you a lot more as the year goes on and i get into this pc editing more and more.


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    Hey shane, that's no problem, as long as you share your experience with other people too

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    thanks mike i will but i feel that most of my experience will be mistakes to start with lol

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    so i got my pci card today...well i spent a bit more than i was going to, i got pinnacle dv studio 9 with the pci card and it was 49 that a good price as i see it in pc world for 69 or is that just pc world over priceing stuff again.


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