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    I film BMX part time for some spare cash flow for a few companies. I've met so many people this year and worked with lots of riders and I made this...

    [ame=]Thank You on Vimeo[/ame]

    "This is a Thank you, to all those people I have met, and spent time with since January.

    Here is a short collage of the people that I have filmed with, worked with, or had the pleasure of spending time with. Unfortunately not everyone is featured... but I tried.

    Its not meant to be something amazing, just random shots of the people I know. Timelapses and some other random shots. It also gave me an excuse to use this song which I love so much."

    Thank you for your time, any feedback greatly appreciated.

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    Not one comment...

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    Well, there is nothing to comment on...

    As you say "It's not meant to be something amazing, just random shots of the people I know." And it is precisely what it say's on the tin.

    You have produced a simple thank you video that just works! It does not inspire any comments from anyone.

    The framing of your shots was fine, the editing was fine, everything was fine.

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    Not exactly my thing but I appreciate the nice photography.


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