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Thread: Videos cant be converted to mp4

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    Default Videos cant be converted to mp4

    i Have Nokia N95.
    i Want to convert videos for my mobile @ MPEG-4 {mp4} @ VGA Resolution {640x480} @ 650kbps.
    The videos are in avi format & are at 700mb & are ripped, so the resolution would be around 640x272 oR something like that.
    So now when i m trying to convert videos to mp4 format @ VGA resolution using XILISOFT VIDEO CONVERTER, it doesnt convert to VGA.
    iNstead iT converts it to 320x240.

    i Cant understand why.
    So can anybody pls. give me a solution & provide me with a good onverter who can do this job for me ???

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    You can also try Tunebite Converter, I use to convert any song or video and never had any problem with it so far.

    It has this option to choose th resolution you need at your converted files so there could not be any problem for you to convert your avi files to mp4 for your Nokia cell phone.

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