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Thread: Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects

  1. Default Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects

    I'm interested in editing and organizing video clips, and then moving the timeline from Vegas on to After Effects.

    To do so, one is supposed to Save As an AAF file, so that the full timeline comes up in After Effects.

    But, apparently, Vegas Pro 9.0 and Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 do not even allow the user to save the project as this file type. I have Vegas Pro 8.0, but it doesn't work with the .mp4 I'm working with.

    So, I want to export this video, made in Vegas, to After Effects. Is there something I can install do allow me to save as an AAF file? Otherwise, what should I render the Vegas movie as to bring the video over to After Effects for most efficient editing? I recognize that this won't save timeline information.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This seems to be a limitation of the 64bit version of Vegas. The comments in this tutorial seem to indicate that the 32bit version of Vegas 9.0 still has the "Save As... AAF" feature.

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    Sony suggests this workaround:

    Sony Creative Software Inc. - Vegas Release Notes

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    Alright, sounds good.

    But, what if I want to just scratch AAF, just render a full video from Sony Vegas, and work with that file in After Effects? What are the best Render As settings to use, and the best file to export as?

    For example, I might Render As .wmv, because it works relatively well in After Effects, or as .mp4

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    I vote - uncompressed AVI.

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    Vote registered.

    Anyone else? You get a pretend I Voted sticker.

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    There is another way - "frame serving".

    In essence what this does is deliver, frame by frame, in real time, your output from Vegas to "another" app that can read an avi file using Satish Kumar's Frameserver. NB: Your Vegas content is not "rendered", but you fire-up Frameserver through the Render TO dialogue, and you get all your info over into, say AE, which I dont have, and you should not get issues - read the Forum. I've used this process for serving to Particle Illusion.

    Here is the link to the free Satish Kumar's Debugmode Framerserver site. Try it - it's free.

    Debugmode FrameServer Homepage

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