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Thread: Paglight C6 Lighting Kit

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    Default Paglight C6 Lighting Kit

    Paglight C6 Lighting Kit
    The kit includes the following:
    * Paglight C6
    * Plug-in Lampholder and 20W lamp 6V, G4-size tungsten halogen lamp
    * Accessory ring, daylight filter, diffuser & barndoors
    * Camera Shoe Plate
    * PAG C6 PowerPack Battery with shoulder strap
    * PAG Power Charger with plug
    100.00 p&p free to UK
    I'm based in London if you want to have a look.

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    interested in this, seeing as i'm a beginner and spent all my cash on my camera i could go 85 if thats any good ?

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    i'm sorry but it's been sold already.. I forgot to update/delete this post.. Sorry again...

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    no worries

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