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Thread: 10 minutes of 1080 HD footage... 2 hours to render?

  1. Default 10 minutes of 1080 HD footage... 2 hours to render?

    Should it really be taking this long? My computer is fast as hell to say the least.

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    Yes it can take this long but you have to realise it can also be quicker. Depending what you are formating from and too and the amount of transitions, FX etc...

    So your computer is "fast as hell" thats great. How is it set up. separate HDs for media and OS ? Is anything running in the back ground when rendering ? When did you last do a defrag ? Are your drives more that 70% full. You see how there can be many different reasons why things don't work as fast as we might want.

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    Yeah, I probably should have specified. I do have two hard drives, and the OS is on one and the media I'm trying to render is on the other, but I have media on both.

    I was running Firefox in the background-- I know that may have (probably) had something to do with it.

    Each drive has approximately 485 GBs of storage space-- Drive A with the OS has about 8 GBs free, Drive B with just media has 93 GBs free.

    I believe my computer automatically defrags once a week.

    Also, there are no FX or transitions or anything. Just plain, unedited footage. And I'm rendering to WMV 720 HD video.

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    Firefox was probably using as much RAM as Vegas was. Also make sure you don't have a large piece of footage open in the trimmer or something. Last night I ran into that. Super slow performance till I closed Firefox and the trimmer.

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    I guess I overestimated my computer. I have 8 GBs of RAM, so I figured I could run Firefox and a Vegas render at the same time.

    In any event, I'll definitely try it without Firefox running. Thanks.

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    I rendered a 27 min piece the day before yesterday (1080) and I left it overnight to finish. Total render time 8hrs 49 mins. Without the Glow, Colour Correction, Brightness Contrast and Unsharp plugins enabled the same clip finished in less than an hour.

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    Yeah, see... I figured something was wrong.

    What format did you render it to? And what was the original format of the footage? Maybe it's because the footage I imported was m2ts.

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    This may be helpful (or it might not).

    There are many software tools to examine PC performance. Without moving into advanced geek world or making wild guesses; may I recommend Window's own "Task Manager"; easily run by right clicking on the Taskbar. The program 'Task Manager' performs similarly in XP,Vista and W7.
    The columns in the 'Processes' tab (which may be changed from the 'View' menu) include useful information about running programs:
    1) The percentage of CPU used.
    2) The amount of memory.
    3) The level of disk activity.

    For example, it would be easy to see the results of running or closing Firefox.

    When I am doing long renders; and also want to use my PC for other tasks; I often right click on the relevant "Process" and use the "Set Priority" option to force Windows to give priority to the application which is doing the rendering.

    My advice comes with the usual caveats; and interested folk may be advised to read more about troubleshooting bottlenecks in Windows performance.

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    From the numbers you had posted you have only 1.6% free space (8gb on a 485gb) on your A (?) Drive. I am amazed that your pc is actually working at all!

    OK, rendering is THE most CPU intensive process that Vegas will have to perform. It relies on all your system being kept working at their optimum. Rendering uses threads, the CPU and by default the SWAP file on your disc will come into play. The SWAP file, if being altered automatically by Windows will thrash about doing all kinds of "intelligent" data shovelling to get keep the CPU happy - 1.6% is nowhere near comfortable at all.

    Try cleaning and pruning your OS disc to get more than 20% free. See if that improves matters.

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