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Thread: Can you suggest a camcorder for me?

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    Default Can you suggest a camcorder for me?


    I'm wondering can anyone recommend a decent crossover camcorder, I need something that is very good for general filming of family/ friends and also for taking for use snowboarding, I'd be looking for one that doesn't exaggerate wobble, and is HD, althought I am open minded about a decent SD one, I would be planning on editing on my PC, and my limit would be up to £250.

    All suggestions would be very welcome!

    Many Thanks,


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    I would suggest you would pay for a good second hand SD mini dv tape based unit rather than a newer HD card based unit.

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    OK interesting, why would you suggest that? & how would an SD mini dv tape based one compare to a SD card based one? Hopefully I've got my terminology right.

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    "DV Tapes are extremely archaic and substandard in todays world of technology, you should just get rid of your DV camera as quickly as you can·"
    This is the view which a Comet sales rep took with me when I asked him where they kept their mini-dv tape stocks.

    Bottom line is that the DV standard is STILL used heavily by the amateur and the professional.

    There are many different reasons for this, and one of them being that DV tapes are fundamentally more reliable, cost effective and compatible with just about every single video system in the world.

    I recently heard about a production company that had done a video recording gig at the Albert Hall. They spent hours trying to get the footage off the HDD based cameras and had to send them off to another company. (which cost them a ton of money) Needless to say they won't be hiring in HDD cameras again.

    Also I have had far too many personal experiences of cheap SD based camcorders being a pain in the ass in terms of keeping high quality recorded on the card in the first place AND you often need propitiatory software that comes with the camera to use it.

    Other's might be able to recommend something better but this could be a good starter camera for you.
    Panasonic Digital Video Camera NV-GS44 on eBay (end time 03-Jul-10 14:26:08 BST)

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    I use a Samsung HMX-10 HD Memory Card camera for some stuff, but i would have to agree, its more trouble than its worth, its so difficult to get the footage to work well in anything, and ive had a few times with corrupt files ( including one recently where i needed them quite badly and cant get them ! )

    So while i couldnt really sugest what camera to buy, i would second the DV Tape thoughts

    However, one thing that would worry me a bit, whatever camera you buy isnt going to do that well being thrown around on the slopes is it ?

    If you do a lot of video whil out on the snowboard then why not go for something like the ContourHD ?

    Not going to solve your home video needs, but would be a better option for action stuff

    I would also add that in my opinion, Sony cameras seem to be good, ive always liked them, and found them to look a bit better in terms of colour etc - but i havent tried enough others to say its not something that someone else cant offer , But i will definatly stick with Sony, seem to go well

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    Bigben, that's very interesting, I appreciate your thoughtful response! I am at present learning a lot quickly, so I will read this more. That Comet sales rep sounds stupid! The DV Tape idea is still a good one. I am really hoping for the least fiddly method, but we shall see.

    Thanks too wayne, yeh hopefully my riding will be smooth enough for it to not be a case of throwing it around.. famous last words..

    The contour HD is a cool piece of kit, but getting two cameras is going the extra mile, I'm hopeing one will do. We shall see. Thanks for the Sony recommendation.

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