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Thread: Name of this effect

  1. Default Name of this effect

    Can anyone please tell me name of this effect? Tutorial also would be nice
    edit: I'm talking about frame.

    at 0:30

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    Can you please describe it yourself? because I am not able to see YouTube(it is filtered here)

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    This white frame;

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    it's blur mask .

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    Quote Originally Posted by spido View Post
    it's blur mask .
    I'm not talking about blur, i'm talking about frame. How to paint that frame?

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    It's called animation. Use a graphics program but I don't know haw you are going to get the numbers moving. If you don't need the numbers to move and just need the rectangle use the cookie cutter with a white border on a duplicate clip above the original and then put a blur on the original. There may be other ways but thats what comes to mind first.

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    Any other ideas?

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    Its done using motion graphics

    To do the square you'd have your footage as the background layer. Create a rectangular mask etc...basically make the shape you want and then to animate the numbers to the move randomly. You could either type a load of numbers and then animate them to move between digits in random intervals or do each number individually so each one go fro 1-9 randomly as quick as you like.

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    This is the same idea as MidnightBlue outlined, but with different words
    Create a still image containing the white 'border'. Add the image as a track, set it to occur throughout the duration of the clip. Place this track above the track with the cars; then use an effect like luma keying to key out the background colour of the still image.

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