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Thread: Need Advice For Audio Setup For Interviews and Gigs

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    Default Need Advice For Audio Setup For Interviews and Gigs

    Hey everyone

    Ok im trying to sort out an audio setup for doing band interviews

    My camera is a Canon HF200 and im looking at buying a Juicedlink Mixer with Phantom Power and 2 XLR Inputs.

    Now the interviews I do can vary from just me and 1 person and me and maybe 4 people so need something that will work for all situations.

    Because Ill only have 2 XLR inputs (Cant afford to fork out for one with 4) im trying to work out the best way to do it.

    Should I get 2 fairly sensitive mics and just get people to hold them so to get an all round sound
    or would it be better to have one interview mic and boom over or one mic and a shotgun on the camera?

    Just looking for advice on best setup to do and also any recommendations on any mics would be great. Im on quite a budget so any semi decent cheap ones wud be good.

    Also looking at what mite be a good mic setup for recording live gigs

    Ive been looking at maybe the Rode Video Mic or the Audio Technica At822

    Any good??

    I would be filming everything from soft music to proper screaming metal so need something that's ideally not gonna peak and distort the sound. I know obviously getting a line from the desk is the most ideal but alot of the time that wont be poss.

    Thanks for reading and any advice would be awesome

    Chris x

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    Firstly, read the following thread, which will tell you why cheap mics will sound poor.

    The best thing you could do would be to buy a hand-held reporter mic and hold it in front of whoever is speaking. If that doesn't appeal then but a shotgun or hypercardiod mic and get someone to work it on a boom.

    Don't go near the Rode videomic, so many of us here have had bad experiences with it that it can't be recommended.

    Getting a feed from the mixer and blending it a bit of ambient is the best way to go. Recording music from the auditorium will sound pants whatever mic you use (unless you can set-up a number of expensive mics at various locations).

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    Because sometimes I end up interviewing a whole band wud it be advisable to maybe look at getting 2 reporter mics as I can imagine Id be pointing it all over the place hehe

    Also should I still look at getting the juiced link for this? Is it going to be worth the money for what I want to do?

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