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    I'm new here at videoforums and I'm not sure about where i should post these threads, so I'm really sorry if this isn't the right place.

    But my name is David and I discovered After Effects for about 3 months ago and found it really interesting. I do really want some feedback from you guys who can this program better than my and can tell me what I should think about for next time.
    I also want feedback from you guys that just can tell me what you liked and what i can do better.

    These are my videos:

    My brother is shooting some electric with his hands

    A meteor hits a house (Used one picture)

    My brother again is shooting fire with his hands

    A thief that is surrounded by fire in a house

    A title animation for my dads company Lindberg (Yes, the logo is looking like that 'cause they are selling child-clothes)

    Thank you!
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